Imagine if Jet2 had been the tour operator in charge of the Titanic…

The other day when I decided to wrote this blog post I was feeling really cross (mummy’s furious). That was mainly due to the fact that I was sitting on the tarmac at LBA and I had been for over half an hour. I was hot, flustered and trying to calm a seven month old baby on my lap. My husband, who was sitting across the aisle from me was juggling a one year old and a three year old. Two days later and I am sitting in an air conned apartment after a day of fun in the sun, and I am feeling somewhat calmer. Anyway, I will get to the point and write this open letter to jet2 I have never written an open letter to anyone before but I think it makes me sound really important.

Dear Jet2,

It really isn’t acceptable to keep a plane full of people waiting on the tarmac for over half an hour without telling them why or how long for. It eventually took my husband pressing the call button for a cabin crew person to come and only then did we find out the reason for/length of the delay.

My children were hungry and thirsty. I asked the cabin crew if we could have some food and she said no, as she wasn’t allowed to open food up until after take off.
Take off was over an hour late. We were sat in row 22. My two infants and one young child were all hungry and waiting for food. I asked to buy some food once we had taken off and I was told that I couldn’t buy food from anywhere other than my seat. I tried explaining that my children were very hungry and thirsty after the delay but the cabin crew lady would not be swayed. She informed me that the my children would have to wait their turn as it wouldn’t be fair on the other passengers. She also couldn’t guarantee there would be any sandwiches left by the time she got to us. Another hour passed before my children saw food. Imagine if jet2 had been the operator in charge of the titanic. Poor women and children…

It was incredibly disappointing service from jet2. The cabin crew staff seemed to lack common sense and maturity. Whilst waiting in the toilet queue, I heard three of the five crew discussing Aldi v Tesco food shopping and how much they spent on their weekly shop. They had no idea how to handle my complaints (and I didn’t even kick up much of a fuss) and they didn’t really seem to care either.

I have been a mother for over three years now and I have been flying with children for almost as long. The treatment of my young children by jet2 was most definitely the worst we had experienced and was very disappointing. We won’t be flying with Jet2 for the foreseeable (apart from for the return journey home of course)

Elizabeth Lindley

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