And what about me? Who am I? Well I am one of those crazy people you see at the airport that has a baby in a sling and a double pushchair and loads of cases and stuff. It probably looks a lot worse than it actually is. Although my mum came on holiday with us recently and ever since she has claimed that although she had a wonderful time she is too old to travel anymore. I think that what she actually means is: she is too old to travel with us.

Generally the ease of the journey/holiday depends on pre holiday preparation and knowledge. Other the last few years we have traveled fairly extensively on short and long haul flights with one and two and three children, and even now we are still learning. We are getting fairly ‘good’ at airport security although in part is due to the fact, that airport security are getting better with ‘us’ – the young traveling family.

This website has been set up to try and help other families good get at this traveling lark too. I really hope that you find it useful. If you see anything that isn’t correct then please let me know and I will do my best to put it right. If you have anything useful to add then please comment away or message me. If you would like to write a guest blog, that would be awesome. It would mean I could talk about my guest blogger repeatedly to my husband and see how many times I could say it in a day.

In the spirit of sharing and being less vague ‘about me’ I am Elizabeth, my school days feel like only yesterday, my days are of eating out half the week and drinking wine are currently on hold and I am married with three young children. I like sitting in bed and eating chocolate, buying handbags, reading books, and last but not least, going on holiday!  Please find below a photo of me.